Stephen Baker

Head of School

Stephen has served as an associate pastor at Trinity Reformed Church since 2003, where he teaches and gives pastoral counseling. In addition to serving as head of school at Cedars, he also trains men for ministry at New Geneva Academy, an institution he helped build and has served at since 2005. Stephen is married to Sebra, and they have six children and eight grandchildren.

Dewayne Pinkney


Dewayne has served in education for 10 years and immensely enjoys the energy and excitement for learning that the kids bring to Cedars. He is married to his lovely wife Emily, and they have 6 children, 2 dogs, 18 chickens, 10 goats, and lots of rabbits. When he is not working at the school, he is spending time with his family on a hiking trail, working in his garden, or bow hunting.

Scott Naylor


Scott teaches algebra to our 8th graders and shoulders many administrative tasks. After serving in the U.S. Armed Forces for 20 years, he and his wife Marcy returned to Bloomington to be helpful to their local congregation. They have seven children and two grandchildren, and are rapidly becoming empty nesters. Additionally, Scott helps the staff of Trinity Reformed Church with their administrative work. He enjoys working on his property planting and maintaining trees, finishing his basement, and making (and eating) ice cream.

Julia Tucker

Curriculum Coordinator

Julia wears many hats at Cedars including being a Cedars mom with five children currently attending the school in grades K-8. She serves as the lead teacher for 3rd grade, teaching math, language arts, and the Arts Cycle. She is a contributing editor to the Arts Cycle, published in-house each year, and serves on the Parent Engagement Committee, which focuses on the core value of partnering with parents. Through these roles, she brings many years of experience and a unique parent perspective to the administrative team. She loves spending time outdoors with friends and family and reading from the large stacks of books scattered throughout her house.

Heather VanTimmeren

Administrative Assistant

Heather has loved books, reading, and playing with words from a young age. She spent hours at the library as a child, and now she is thrilled to be the Cedars librarian and a member of the Cedars Admin team. She has taught at Cedars since 2017, currently teaching grammar and spelling to 3rd – 8th graders. Heather is married to Don and has two children, Arwen and Liam.

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