Curriculum Roadmap

“For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rules or authorities–all things have been created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16

Every subject we study begins with the centrality of Christ. God created a world of wonder and order and it is our joy to study the work of our Creator. We see His workmanship in the beauty of nature, the patterns of mathematics, the history of His sovereignty over nations, and in our ability to communicate through language.

Language Arts

From Phonics to Reading
Oral narration and copywork

Traditional Spelling
First Language Lessons (Grammar)
Oral narration with an introduction to written narration

Building Spelling Skills
Steps to Good Grammar
Oral narration and a transition to written narration

A Living Grammar
Written narration
Prepared dictation


1st–6th: These grades also study the same area of science each year using the following four-year rotation:

• Earth Science / Land Animals
• Anatomy / Flying Creatures
• Physics & Chemistry / Ocean Animals
• Botany / Astronomy

7th–8th: These grades go deeper in their study of science, covering topics such as chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and the history of science.

As with all of our subjects, we place an emphasis on using living books and hands-on activities to make learning engaging.


We enjoy a feast of living books by incorporating them into every subject. We introduce students to delightful classics, regional stories, mythology, fairy tales, and fables.

Family read-aloud: Each semester we suggest a title for the entire family to read together. We celebrate the book with an all-school book club event coordinated by Cedars teachers and volunteers.

Secret Book Packs: K–2nd graders also receive Secret Book Packs each week, which include a variety of picture books that will get your child excited about reading.


Miquon Math Lab Materials
Math Games

Singapore Primary Mathematics

Basic College Mathematics

Jacobs Algebra


1st–8th: Each year the entire school studies the same historical time period using a four-year rotation that covers the following timeframes:

Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation
Early Modern

Geography, living books, and hands-on activities are incorporated into the study of the historical time period.

Christian Formation

1st–8th: Lauds

1st–2nd: Bible story books

5th–6th: Students are shepherded by a pastor during a one-hour class each week, focusing on this two-year rotation:

7th–8th: Students are shepherded by a pastor during a one-hour class each week, focusing on this two-year rotation:
Creation, Sin, and Redemption